Uni-G warrants that the bag products and other goods delivered by it will be the kind designated or specified by the Buyer. No other warranty by Uni-G is given or shall be implied. The liability of Uni-G arising out of the sale of such goods to the Buyer, whether for warranty, contract, negligence or otherwise, is limited to the repair or correction at Uni-G’s expense of any defect or non-conformity or, at the option of Uni-G, to the replacement at it’s expense of any good which is defective or non-conforming with a similar item free from such defect or non-conformity, or to the repayment or crediting to Buyer with an amount to the equal to the purchase price or the defective or non-conforming good. The forgoing shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy of the Buyer and the sole and exclusive liability of Uni-G.  Under no circumstances shall Uni-G be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, loss or expenses directly or indirectly arising from the sale handling or use of any goods purchase hereunder, or from any other cause relating thereto.  The maximum liability of Uni-G shall not in any case exceed the sale price for the goods involved.  THE WARRANTIES STATED IN THIS PARAGRAPH ARE IN LIUE OF ALL OTHER WARRANITES, WRITTEN OR ORAL, STATUTORY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTUCULAR PURPOSE. THE FORGOING EXPRESSED THE SOLE WARRANTY OF UNI-G AND EXCLUSIVE LIMITATION OF ITS LIABILITY, NOTWITHSTANDING ANY TERMS OR CONDITIONS EXPRESSED IN THE BUYER’S PURSHASE ORDER OR OTHER DOCUMENTS OF SALE ISSUED BY THE BUYER, SND WHETHER OR NOT OCCASIONED BY UNI-G’S NEGLEGENCE.  THIS WARRANTY SHALL NOT BE EXTENDED, ALTERED OR VARIED EXCEPT BY A WRITTEN INSTRUMENT SIGNED BY UNI-G. No representation or other affirmation of fact not set forth herein, including but not limited to statements regarding capacity, suitability for use, or performance of any good involved, made by any sales representatives or other agent or representative of Uni-G shall be deemed to be a warranty, express or implied, by Uni-G for any purpose, nor be deemed to give rise to any obligation or liability whatsoever by Uni-G. (In the event the provision in this paragraph relieving Uni-G from liability for its negligence should for any reason be held ineffective, the remainder of this paragraph shall remain in full force and effect).